Flash & Longnor Community First Responders


There are a good number of defibrillators throughout the area which area straightforward to use. Click the location name for a detailed Open Street Map of the location (open in new tab/window). There is also map of the local area further down this page.

Flash - On the New Inn public house

Longnor - By the public toilets on the market square

Meerbrook - On the Village Hall near the entrance

Upper Hulme - On Hillcreest Engineering building by the roadside

Sheen - On the Village Hall (next to church) near the entrance

Hollinsclough - On the Church Hall, centre of the village

Warslow - In the Phone Box, just down from the Greyhound Inn

Elkstone - Next to Susan Cottage in the village (Upper Elkstones)

Newtown - in the Telephone Box near T-junction (opposite coal merchant)

Gradbach Scout Camp - in a yellow box on the wall of camp HQ building at the bottom of the yard

Local Map